Frank the Goblin

Goblin Rogue played by Kate


Frank has always had a fondness for learning, reading, and nature that wasn’t shared by the other goblins of the Longpole tribe. He often would spend his free time, outside of evil Goblin lessons, wandering through the forests. He tried to act tough but it just didn’t feel right and he would often get bullied by the other young goblins.

Frank lived as a hermit because he didn’t fit in with the rest of the goblins. When he was old enough to live on his own he decided to abandon his tribe and live in a forest hut he made instead of the more traditional Goblin hovels. Since Frank had always been somewhat of an outsider, the rest of the goblins didn’t mind (they were actually quite relieved). During his time in the wilderness, Frank met Ophistine Duskwalker, a half-elf druid. The two became fast friends. Frank had to renovate his house so that Ophistine and other tall guests felt comfortable.

Years later, Frank has received unexpected news from his family. One of Frank’s younger siblings, George Longpole, has turned to a life of crime, having joined the notorious Cragmaws, a goblin tribe of bandits and thugs. The Longpoles are violent, but they follow a code of honor and disapprove of George’s career choice. They wish for George’s safe return, and they believe Frank, one of few goblins without tribal affiliation, may be the only one who can persuade the prodigal goblin to return without incurring the wrath of the Cragmaws. This quest has drawn Frank out of seclusion and has convinced him to brave the city of Neverwinter, not known for welcoming goblins of any kind. He joins other travelers on their way to Phandalin, a small town near where the Cragmaws are known to operate.

Frank may not have approved of the violent motives of his tribal teachers, but his propensity for studying and natural swiftness have helped him to become a capable rogue. He is willing to develop his skills of combat, stealth, and persuasion in order save his brother and help his friend Ophistine.

Frank the Goblin

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