Ophistine Duskwalker

Half-Elf Druid played by Rosemarie


From her earliest memories, Ophistine was a student at the House of Knowledge, a prestigious temple in Neverwinter dedicated to Oghma, the god of inspiration and invention. Having never met her elven mother and human father, Ophistine was raised by scholars who inhabited the temple as well as her half-sister Eliza Duskwalker, an elven ranger and adventurer of substantial influence in Neverwinter. Ophistine was a precocious child, and by the age of five, had demonstrated an incredible linguistic aptitude, becoming fluent in Common, Elvish, Dwarvish—and inexplicably to her caretakers—Goblin. Recognizing Ophistine’s innate capacity for shaping language, the Chief Priest and Elder Reader of the House of Knowledge argued over the next step in Ophistine’s training, the shaping of magic. The Chief Priest claimed Ophistine’s talents would be best suited as a Cleric of Oghma, a missionary and teacher serving along the battered and too-often lawless Sword Coast. The Elder Reader contended it was unfair to devote a child to a life of service. Ophistine should have the choice to study as a Wizard, an honor normally reserved for men, giving her the potential to become an influential leader in Neverwinter, like her half-sister Eliza before her.

The week leading up to the temple council’s decision was tense, with minor earthquakes shaking the city and the lack of personal choice shaking Ophistine’s trust in authority. The night before the decision was to be made, Eliza burst into Ophistine’s quarters, refusing to say anything except that they had been betrayed and needed to flee the city immediately. Eliza discreetly escorted the young half-elf out of the city gates, and the sisters hid in an abandoned cottage to the south of Neverwinter Wood. After their provisions began to dwindle, Eliza told Ophistine to stay hidden while she returned to Neverwinter to gather food and supplies. Ophistine was never to see Eliza again. Mount Hotenow erupted, destroying the city of Neverwinter and claiming the lives of thousands, with Eliza presumably among the deceased.

When it was clear Eliza would not return, Ophistine ran to the woods looking for any meager means of sustenance. Scratched by brambles and scorched by an unforgiving sun, Ophistine collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Lying in the dirt, Ophistine discovered a mysterious object—or perhaps it discovered her—a white piece of wood, worn smooth and carved with runes. Clasping the totem in her palm, Ophistine felt her strength and hope return. Years later, Ophistine’s fate is decided by no one but herself. She learned magic the same way she learns every language, by her own wisdom and dedication. Now a powerful druid, Ophistine uses her powers to protect others and continually improves through the pursuit of knowledge.

Ophistine Duskwalker

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