Millie Greenhill

Halfling Cleric played by Sydney


Millie comes from a farming family who lived outside of the merchant port city of Selgaunt. As a girl, she would often accompany her parents into the city to sell their goods. On one of these visits, she became acquainted with the local Master of Revels at the temple that they often passed by on the way to the market. Through her, she was introduced to the Lliiran faith, often boisterous and always joyful. The temple became a frequent stop on her visits to the city, where she made several friends.

As she grew older, her parents began to encourage her to take on greater responsibility at home and continue the farming trade. Mille refused, opting instead to join the Joybringers in the city as a priest of Lliira. She learned quickly and enthusiastically.

Eventually, however, she became dissatisfied with traditional methods of service. After much deliberation, she decided to take up the mantle of adventurer to help others and spread joy however she can. Never staying in once place for long, she has most recently found herself in Neverwinter.

Millie Greenhill

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