Saltine the Unwelcome

Half-Orc Fighter played by Yi


Born in Luskan, Saltine claims heritage back to the orcish city of Illusk. Saltine was raised by her mother and the members of a small trading guild focusing on fine textiles and enchanted items. As a half orc, she was trained in the guild to fight and defend rather than trade and negotiate. She began her seafaring adventures right when Rathym was defeated in Luskan, in 1361 DR.

She returned on shore to help out her guild during a mercenary attack by Lord Brambleberry on Waterdeep. Supplies dwindled during the winter, and Saltine turned to a life of crime to sustain herself and her guild. Unfortunately, the guild was eliminated very soon after. The lack of supplies and the strain of the new regime was too much for some guild members. Many left before the attack of thieves and rival guilds. An opportunity arose for a life of piracy when Saltine heard of a large fleet of trading ships that were coming into shore. Irate at the people of Luskan for turning against each other, Saltine joined Arklem Greeth’s attack on the fleet of trade ships coming in to shore with supplies. In the aftermath, saltine continued her career as a pirate.

She soon found herself in the company of the pirate captain Ciseaux and the ship Schere. Currently, Schere has been docked in Neverwinter for restock and rest for the crew.

Saltine the Unwelcome

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