Moonstone Mask

A vertigo-inducing journey along a cliffside trail takes the adventurous to a new fixture of the Neverwinter skyline. The earthmote now known as the Moonstone floats beside the western edge of the Protector’s Enclave, high over the docks below. It hangs a hundred feet above the crashing waves of the Sea of Swords, bound in place by thick chains strung to heavy anchors. A bridge that runs between the earthmote and the docks allows visitors to enter and exit the Moonstone. The inn for which the mote is named, the Moonstone Mask, offers guests lavish quarters, pleasurable company, and a hard-to-beat view.

The story of the Moonstone Mask is an object lesson in turning a bad situation to one’s advantage. When the Spellplague struck Neverwinter nearly a hundred years ago, the land around the posh inn tore free of its surroundings and floated off toward the sky. Quickthinking guests secured it with tethers, and dozens of thick ropes were lashed from the inn to nearby buildings, much as a ship might be tied up in a bay. Thus secured, the Moonstone Mask reopened for business within the year, boasting a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding countryside. People came from far and wide to stay at the marvelous floating inn, and it became a fixture of the city’s post- Spellplague economy. The Moonstone fell again on hard times after the cataclysm that claimed much of the city. The quake did not affect the earthmote, but the ropes holding it in place snapped, and it drifted aimlessly over the nearby ocean for months. When the occupants finally managed to steer the inn back, they found a true disaster, the city was emptying of people. The innkeeper commissioned a set of heavy chains big enough to hold a giant in place and fell back on old ways to attract customers, turning the inn into a festhall that offered riotous music and dancing, heavy drinking, and more private entertainments. However, it was too little, too late. Devoid of business, the Moonstone Mask shut its doors, ostensibly for good.

The Moonstone Today
In no small part, the Moonstone Mask owes its rebirth and current existence to Lord Neverember and New Neverwinter. It repays the favor by housing many of the city’s Mintarn enforcers, including their commander, General Sabine. As such, mercenaries dominate the once-genial atmosphere of the hedonistic inn, and Neverember’s sellswords are known to argue or fight with other patrons. The half-elf Liset Cheldar runs the Moonstone Mask with a wink and a smile. She genuinely likes most of the people she meets, and she flirts with anyone who seems receptive. A recently returned native of the city who inherited the inn, Liset was pleased to find the place still in one piece (and still floating). The legitimacy of her claim to the Moonstone was unclear, but, plying her natural charm, she successfully lobbied Neverember for funds to reopen the inn, and she maintains a bright smile thanks to his patronage.

Source: Neverwinter Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast, 2011

Moonstone Mask

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