Protector's Enclave

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The Lord Protector of Neverwinter rules the city from the Hall ofJustice, the old temple of Tyr. Farthest from the source of the great earthquake that struck Mount Hotenow almost three decades ago, this area of Neverwinter suffered the least destruction. This good fortune also made the district a primary target for Lord Neverember. He moved an overwhelming force of mercenaries into the district, secured his base, and, ever since, has spent half his time here and half in Waterdeep. The Protector’s Enclave stands mostly intact, and many former residents of the city have returned to live here alongside new immigrants.

The Enclave boasts the best-stocked market in the city, thanks to trade from Waterdeep and other cities along the Sword Coast. The city taxes all transactions made here at a steep rate that the natives have grudgingly come to accept. The taxes pay for the Mintarn soldiers who watch every newcomer to the district with a sharp eye.

Source: Neverwinter Campaign Setting, Wizards of the Coast 2011

Protector's Enclave

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